Homework Policy

Primary Homework Policy

The purpose of homework is:                                                                                                                               


  • to complete work set by teachers    
  • to carry out personal study programs
  • to assist students to develop good homework habits  
  • to assist students with retention and consolidation of what they are learning
  • to encourage and help students develop independence and ownership in their own learning journey



Primary Students

Homework gradually increases each year level and should correlate closely with what is being taught in class.

The minimum times suggested for homework each night are.

  • Foundation and Year One students may do up to 10-15 minutes per week night
  • Year Two to Four students may do up to 20-30 minutes several nights per week
  • By the time students reach Year Five and Six, they may do up to 30 – 40 minutes, several times a week.


Further details regarding the College’s Homework Policy can also be found in the Secondary section under ‘Study and Homework’. 

College Affirmation...

I have a right to learn free from distraction.

I have a right to feel safe.

I always work to the best of my ability.

I treat everyone around me courteously and with respect.

I show courage when I attempt new things and I don’t give up easily.

I believe the best of myself and others.

I am the winner I was created to be.